We can provide a R&D and small series production service for the following fields of application

Biomedical engineering

  • Functional micropatterning of implants for improved oseointegration or for creating receptacle for the release of medicine (drug eluting implant)
  • Micro engraving of bio-implantable devices for security marking
  • Consulting for titanium electrochemical treatments (anodisation, electropolishing, …)

Microfluidic & scientific applications

  • Machining of surface microstructures (stainless steel, shape memory alloys (NiTi)…)
  • Metallic microfluidics (titanium for chemical micro-reactors…)
  • Engraving on moulds parts for polymer forming or Nickel replication
  • Functional micropatterning of metallic surfaces to obtain specific properties (controlled wetting behavior, tribological surfaces, topographic standards, …)

Marking & decoration

  • High end engraving for decoration.
  • Engraving of mould parts for polymer injection and rubber compression molding
  • Individual monogram marking for customization.

Following feasibility studies, we can offer licensing and technology transfer opportunities.

Please visit below some realization examples